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I have published a series of blog posts on that explain the foundational parts of digital marketing. Each business and blog have a different recipe to operate. Some online businesses depend on social media, and many others swear by SEO. All need robust analytics. The key is to do what works at first and then try different channels and tactics to stay relevant in the market and to profit from new opportunities.

In the following sections, I’ll divide published blog posts into categories. Then, I’ll provide a brief explanation of each section. The good news is that these publications follow an order. So you’ll have strong foundations by reading them consecutively.


Much depends on the strategy. And is often an overlooked part of digital marketing. This is because many service providers are specialists. When you are a specialist, you can do most of the work in your field, but sometimes by doing this work, you lose sight of the big picture. This happened to me. I was a web designer, and even though I saw the signs of clients who wanted to have a website TO MAKE SALES, I was solely involved in the technical side of creating websites.

Understanding how all parts work together to create what is called synergy. Next, I’ll show some of the most critical aspects of strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy
An Introduction to Consumer Behavior
Data-Driven Decisions
Researching Your Market


A lot of the daily work of digital marketing revolves around digital assets, whether by generation, management, or advertising.

This section will find many of the most apparent parts of digital marketing. It starts with User Experience Design (UX design), how each part of a website is positioned, and why. Web design? You can get up to speed with its essential aspects.

Web development is a bit different from web design. Mobile channels and apps are fashionable right now. SEO is a big acronym in the digital marketing world. What is it about?

To many people, copywriting is one of the most essential skills a blogger should strive to acquire. E-commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, especially after worldwide health emergencies.

Read all about these subjects next:

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What is Web Design?
What is Web Development?
What are Apps and Mobile Channels?
What is SEO?
What is Copywriting?
What is E-commerce?


Many individuals associate advertising as the primary way to reach an audience. It’s an essential part of digital marketing. However, successful advertising needs to be integrated with other elements of the digital marketing option menu. Copywriting is one of these options, also web design.

With advertising, you can reach every corner of the globe, talk to your target audience, receive immediate feedback, and measure it. If you have a great strategy, you can keep your customers after they purchase from you.

You can sometimes scale your business consistently, which is excellent news for many bloggers and business owners. Search, and social media are the most powerful ways to advertise. It is estimated that Facebook, Google, and Amazon take up to 64% of US digital ad spending this year.

You can see the power of online advertising, and if it fits within your strategy, you can profit from it. Next, you can read more about online advertising:

Search Advertising
What is Online Advertising?
What is Social Media Advertising?


By now, you are aware of the many tools and tactics you can apply to your plan. But there is more. Your client’s attention is a significant first step. Now, it’s crucial to keep your customers happy. Not only will you be doing the right thing, but you will increase your bottom line.

A customer is worth their weight in gold. Often, if you do things right, they will buy again and again from you. This increases your profitability. Due to competition, you don’t make a profit selling the first product in a funnel. However, sometimes you begin making a profit when they buy the second product.

You have proven tools to keep your customers happy for extended periods. A Customer Relationship Management implementation can do wonders for your bottom line. Content Marketing is embedded in many aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Social Media Platforms are always in vogue and help drive traffic and reach people.

A warning: You shouldn’t do social media without a strategy. Are you using social media to drive traffic to your website? Maybe to aid in your branding efforts. To sell directly through social channels? Considering beforehand what you’re trying to achieve will provide you with the best results.

Mobile and Email are always fashionable. Mobile is a whole world with a few attractive benefits. Email has been around for a long time. Its value still seems to increase every year. Video marketing is huge. You’ll find that online viewers enjoy more than 10 hours of video online weekly.

I’ll show you a comprehensive overview of all these digital marketing elements next:

What is CRM?
What is Content Marketing?
Social Media Platforms
Social Media Strategy
Direct Marketing – Mobile and Email
Marketing with Video

See also  Data-Driven Decisions


The Internet is powerful as a marketing and advertising medium because of all the people who use it and because you can measure almost every action or campaign you make. Of course, you need to perform strategy and execution, but there’s a missing piece: Optimization.

If you can track something, you can improve it. To do great marketing, you can make data-driven decisions if you are agile. Sometimes your gut has certain limitations, but the data is clear and provides you not only quantitative information but also you can make qualitative assumptions. As a result, you can fill the market demands of your customers by listening (through analytics and testing) to their needs.

You would be surprised how the little things can make a measurable difference in your online endeavors. Conversion Optimization can be a source of profits for your blog or business. For example, if your earnings are $50,000 a month and you improve your conversions by 15%, then you would earn an extra $7,500 by making a few modifications here and there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy since you must know what you’re doing, but you’ll encounter similar case studies all over the web.

Next, you’ll find my articles related to optimization:

What is Conversion Optimization?
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I just gave you an ordered list based on categories of the digital marketing world. So you can see how it relates to your blog or online business. Strategy, generation, advertising, keeping your customers, and optimization are vital pillars to keep in mind when you begin or continue your marketing journey on the Internet.

A long time has passed since the Internet was the wild, wild west. You can make predictable assumptions and sound plans based on common sense, data, and great ideas. I hope these blog posts enlighten a part of your journey.