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What is online advertising? It’s advertising on the internet, also known as digital advertising. Isn’t digital zeros and ones? Yes, and has become a synonym for what happens on the web. You’ll also find that mobile devices are taking protagonism, and the trend is to unify tablet, desktop, and mobile devices. What does online advertising include? Advertising is found on search results, display advertising found on web pages, advertising through social media, content, video, games, and the many other ways where advertisers leverage the internet. The web is a fertile ground to show your blog, business, products, and services.

Online advertising goals

Every blog and business is different. Depending on the stage it finds itself at, you can observe that most people and organizations want to increase sales. Some forward-thinking and strategic businessmen and marketers want to improve brand awareness. There are metrics you may find helpful such as customer engagement. Maybe you’ll want to raise your share of voice in the market you operate. It’s good to remember the basics: Advertising stimulates demand. This means you can get results with advertising you couldn’t get any other way. You can reach people you couldn’t before.

Measuring results

The internet provides the dream of many marketers: data. You can use this data to measure your results. With so many metrics, you can spend valuable time choosing the useful from the time-wasters. The first advice is that you need to have smart goals in place. Once you know what you want to do, it’s easier to choose your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) because they will be related to your goals. You can always observe the number of impressions, clicks received, unique users obtained, and other relevant data regarding ads.

Animated GIF

GIF stands for graphics interchange format. You may have encountered this format through various means. First, they’re favored on chat applications on mobile devices. You may have found a GIF through a web banner. This is where this format shines since it’s easy to implement. Many websites have started substituting them with short videos on web pages, but GIFs have the same benefits since it’s entertaining to consume them. They can show a distinct personality or create an emotion. GIFs are the only practical way to add animation to email marketing campaigns.

Using them can increase conversions and show your message in the best light.


I can’t write a blog post about online advertising without mentioning what a banner is. It’s an online advertisement using an image or video. Banners appear on websites, including the mobile versions of web pages. Most visitors will notice these visible ads, which means more sales, whether directly or through a process. In the attention economy, a banner can become a measurable digital asset. Usually, you have the option to add animation and graphics. This means you can create your brand the way you choose to, revealing your message creatively. It’s common to implement banners efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is Clickthrough Rate?

Since you want to measure your ads’ performance, you’ll encounter various abbreviations and concepts. Clickthrough Rate is essential since it measures the direct effect of your online ad. It shows Clicks / Impressions. The result is shown as a conversion percentage. It calculates when your audience has completed the target action. You can continually improve your Clickthrough Rate as time passes, sometimes almost immediately. A small change can have remarkable results.

Considering this measurement can multiply your results without investing more money into ads. Clickthrough rates show what works with your audience and what doesn’t.

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What is the Cost per Acquisition?

What does it take to get a customer? (Including monetary values) The answer lies in Cost per acquisition (also known as CPA). In this case, the person or organization advertises only when a chosen action is achieved. This metric gave rise to a new business model called Cost per lead. This modern way of doing business means maximizing your marketing and lead generation budget. If you’re the advertiser, you only take the attention of leads of the highest quality.

Examples of actions customers can take are newsletter sign-ups, the request for contact, registration, downloading a document, etc.

What is a Display Network?

In the world of online advertising, you’ll encounter many players. A key component in this area is a display network. A display network shows advertisements in a series of websites, videos, apps, and other online assets under the same provider. An example of this is Google Ads. These display networks usually provide you with tools to track your ad campaigns. A common feature is that you can get instant results by tweaking a few elements of your ads. Advertisements appear in images, text, video, and interactive options such as call, map, download, etc.

Satisfying the demands of consumers

Among the many online advertising options, search ads are a particularly effective way to satisfy customers’ desires. The reason for this appears in the form of intent. This audience is already looking for a particular product, service, or information. By providing them precisely with what they want, they satisfy their desires through keywords. This is achieved in exchange for money or quality information that leads to better branding, engagement, or future sales. I have been exposed to ads that featured products that became a cornerstone in my professional life.

The same can happen with quality, focused, segmented advertisements that reach consumers wherever they are.

Releasing your advertisements to the world

You need to choose and pay for the space where your ads appear. You have many options for doing this:

• Advertisement networks
• Premium booked media
• Programmatic buying and advert exchange
• Native advertisements
• Placements in social media
• Mobile advertisements
• Ad servers

You’ll find pros and cons in each option. For example, you can observe the upward trend of native advertisement use. These adverts look like part of the content, which is why they’re not usually stopped by ad blockers.

You’ll find that your blog or website has a specific set of needs, and these requirements will mandate what options you choose. However, we live in exciting times where these relatively new forms of advertisements give you leverage to achieve your goals.