Do you want to know the 7 best blogging


You may be wondering: What are the most common types of blogs? You’re in the right place! If you want to know what is popular to be more knowledgeable or to start a blog and you’re exploring your possibilities, you have many options at your disposal. A blog is a website with a few particularities: mainly the publication of fresh content presented chronologically from last to first. Let’s explore some of the most popular options next:

1. Niche Blog

A niche blog focuses on a particular topic. As an example, you could create a Knitting for beginners blog. Look at your skills, and you’re sure to find something someone else wants to know. You don’t need to be an expert; you just need to be one step ahead.

2. Personal Blog

This was the first type of blog. You can share your thoughts with the world and connect with fellow bloggers to increase your audience. This type of blog can be divided further into:

Personal branding and services

This is a mixture of a business and a personal blog. This is where you sell your services as an individual or professional. You strive to become famous in your area of interest. This works for artists and professionals alike.

 3. Affiliate Blog

This is where you write tutorials, reviews, and how-to related to a product or service. You can make your affiliate links public or show them only when people subscribe to your email list. You’re adding value as a middleman between seller and buyer. It’s also a prominent part of performance marketing.

4. Reverse Blog

A modern style of online publication where content is supplied by guest writers. Although it’s common for the owner to write a few blog posts, most of the content is provided by people not directly related to the site. This arrangement benefits both parties since both can get traffic to their site.

5. Freelance Blogger

The business site of bloggers for hire. This is where professionals in the field provide examples of their work and make it possible for clients to buy their service packages. Some bloggers are generalists and write about a wide range of topics; some are specialists. Their price structure is different.

6. Media Blog

This means you film videos and podcasts, curate links, or take pictures and share them with the world. This type of blog focuses on a kind of content. If you’re interested in sharing content other than text, you should find a hosting provider that makes it cost-effective to run your business.

7. Food Blog

With considerable interest in food, most bloggers in this sector take pictures of food themselves and show them to their audience. They may cook recipes or show dishes from different restaurants in a particular area or worldwide. They get recognized as gourmets and influencers in the field, allowing them to promote business and food products.

8. Fashion Blog

These blogs provide coverage of the fashion industry, personal style, and clothing. They can cover a wide array of things, such as accessories, particular lines of clothing, different trends in apparel markets, street fashion trends, and fashion choices from celebrities.

9. Music Blog

A music blogger shows breaking music news stories on his blog. Their taste is respected by their audience, which is presented with trending music. They provide a valuable service for the music industry since their recommendations are independent. Therefore, they influence their target audience without spending much money on advertising.

10. Lifestyle Blog

This is currently one of the most popular types of blogs. The basic concept is that the author blogs about their lifestyle choices and interests. It includes a lot of unique types of blogs with a few differences. It is focused on the way the blogger lives.

11. Travel Blog

A voyage around the world gets cheaper every day. This democratization of travel allows travel bloggers to share their experiences in food, lodging, and other amenities. They monetize their blog by selling products such as travel guides, affiliate links, or ad placements.

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12. DIY Blog

DIY means Do It Yourself. Professional services involving physical activities can be expensive. A way to save money is sharing how-to information about creating or fixing stuff. You can show your audience how to use their hands and tools to reach a goal.

13. Fitness Blog

Here, you’ll be able to find workouts, information about supplements, diet plans, and other essential knowledge. No matter your health preferences, you can find advice tailored to your tastes on the internet. A fitness blog can make you happier and healthier.

14. Finance Blog

A finance blog is a specialized source of information that provides information and news about everything related to money. Some blogs provide stock analysis based on technical principles and sound fundamentals. Some finance blogs offer services tailored to their audience, from beginners to pros.

15. Sports Blog

Sports are here to stay. Since the dawn of time, man has enjoyed playing and watching plays from other fellow athletes. Today, the internet allows a blogger to share opinions and news on sports-related topics. This type of blog has served many individuals as a platform for game analysis and sports journalism.

16. Parenting Blog

Many people have achieved stardom by sharing their activities as parents. Both men and women belong to this category, although you may be familiar with the term Mommy blogs, which is used for blogs authored by women who write about motherhood and family. Parenting is a crucial part of human activities; therefore, this type of blog is here to stay.

17. Political Blog

The modern age has brought us many amenities. You can find one of them in the form of a political blog, which is usually a dynamic analysis of political moves and news. Sometimes you will find an individual providing an informed opinion. Sometimes you will find it’s the work of a candidate’s team writing positively about their campaign.

18. Movie Blog

Cinephiles may find a movie blog liberating. This means they can share their cinematographic knowledge with a larger audience. It’s common for a movie blogger to share a review about an upcoming or new film. Sometimes film studios show them a movie before its official debut.

19. Corporate or Business Blog

As blogs became popular, businesses saw an opportunity. In a corporate or business blog, one or more employees share their knowledge. The goal is to convert web visitors into buyers. Sometimes there’s a funnel in place. This is where they turn interested leads into paying customers.

20. News Blog

The internet has taken market share from printed newspapers. You can now find specialized sources in tech, entertainment, scientific innovation, religion, politics, elections, and local and global events. You can now find news blogs by big brands or individuals.

21. Car Blog

Car enthusiasts can’t get enough information about upcoming cars and their features. Some other bloggers cover classic vehicles along with maintenance tips. Many blogs in this area have become big businesses, and individuals from all walks of life trust them as their primary source of news and pricing. It’s common for these blogs to work with local dealerships and related businesses.

22. Game Blog

Gaming is a hot industry. Many up-and-coming studios collaborate with journalists and bloggers. Game blogs are fantastic since they cover game reviews, hardware reviews, press releases, and news about games. It’s common to pair a gaming blog with game streams (video records of plays and game reactions)

23. Pet Blog

Americans spent 95.7 billion last year on services and products related to their pets. With a big market, information about training, shelters, toys, and pet health is welcomed. Many individuals started blogging about their pets, and in time, it became apparent their readers held their suggestions; this way, they began to monetize their content


I’ve answered the question: What are the most common types of blogs? You can start any kind of blog you may feel suited for. All blogs need high-quality, focused content to succeed. You can mix and match categories and devise a solution of your own. Choosing the correct type of blog is a strategic decision you must take with care.