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When it comes to The Most Useful Blogging Skills You Can Have, you just can’t have enough. You may find you’re strong in some areas and not so strong in others. No matter the point you’re at, you can always improve.

A blogger wears many hats. If it was a physical business, you’d find that a blogger belongs to many departments and performs more than one job. More like 2 or 3 jobs at once. Focus is important, as you read the list, center on one skill. You’ll progress will be faster and the quality of your learning remarkable. I’ll show you the skills I just wrote about next:

1. Writing

This is first on the list since writing is a very useful skill. A great piece of advice a read a long time ago is to write as if you’re talking to a person. This takes away the stress of writing perfect sentences again and again.

Having a routine and strong habits are key to do a good job each time you sit to share your knowledge. This will solve writer’s block and will make you productive.

Even if you don’t write blog posts, you may write video scripts. This is why writing is important, it sets the stage for everything else.

2. Copywriting

Should writing and copywriting belong to the same category? Hardly so. Copywriting is a specialized set of skills. It’s just as related to persuasion as it is to writing.

You need to communicate features and benefits in a way that the prospective buyer perceives high value. You need to press the right buttons. Seducing a reader is no easy task, but it is crucial to the health of most online businesses.

Sales letters, emails, review blog posts, and other content benefits from sound copywriting. For many, it is sales in writing. Think about it, you can sell in a scalable and automated way through the internet. Now, that’s exciting!

3. Online research

This skill supports most others. You don’t know how to do a certain task? Search for it! I’m sure you’ll find a definite answer, or you’ll find information that will help you to make up your mind.

Professional online research involves a bit more than just searching on Google. It means you can use the right operators when doing an online search. If you are focused on a niche, you may have a list of websites where you get your ideas for headlines or content.

To perform online research the right way you need the ability to concentrate; this is true because your memory creates connections while you’re reading or absorbing content.

4. Knowledge about your niche

The creation of value is or should be a priority for a blogger. This is made possible by the communication of knowledge and expertise. By being informed about a niche or industry, you’ll be making sure of communicating what you know in a way that your audience understands you.

A tip for being informed about your niche or industry is by using a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader. This way you don’t have to spend time seeking news in your field

You’ll make your life easier when you write about a subject you know, you’ll feel as if the words are flowing, therefore making work more interesting for yourself. Besides, specialization demands higher professional rates.

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5. People skills

You thought you could get away behind your screen and keyboard. To succeed you need to create outreach campaigns where you communicate with all sorts of people.

You may indeed use templates to write an email, but when you need to speak on the phone to another blogger, your tone of voice and the way you handle yourself can make an outstanding difference in your results.

As your site grows in popularity, you may need to speak in public or talk to other people about business opportunities. People skills will not only make you more effective, but they will also make your work more pleasurable.

6. Photo editing

The old, but tried and true English language adage that says “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true today. You’ll find you need visuals when it comes to publishing your blog posts. Whether they are featured images or infographics, images that accompany text usually have to be resized, cropped, and edited in some way or another.

Having these skills is crucial for most bloggers. Unless you collaborate with someone who performs these activities, you are likely to do them yourself.

You can begin with GIMP, or you can learn the basics of Photoshop. No matter your choice, you’ll be doing yourself a great service.

7. Social network savviness

As you advance in your blogging career, you’ll find that social networking sites are your friends. You have to navigate this world by having a goal and being clever about it.

If you take your time, you’ll know when to create, repurpose, and post the right content. Write the most effective hashtags and navigate through endless pages and menu options to reach your goals.

The most important element is to be a nice person behind the keyword. This will show in your interactions with your readers and fellow bloggers. Automation is your friend, you can find it in quality software products.

8. Basic HTML/CSS knowledge

You may think you need a computer science degree to understand how the internet works. Truth is that a little tech knowledge goes a long way. You don’t need to create websites or web pages by yourself, but you can learn in a weekend or two, basic HTML/CSS skills you will use your whole blogging career.

Do you want to underline a particular sentence? You got it. Do you want to add a form from your email service provider? No problem. In time these skills become second nature. With a little practice, you can even spot errors and fix them yourself. You’ll save a considerable amount of money by doing it yourself instead of hiring expensive developers. Your productivity should rise too.


This list of the Most Useful Blogging Skills You Can Have will be useful in your journey as a blogger. The fact that you participate in the knowledge economy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply soft skills to your craft. Problem-solving, leadership, self-motivation, setting goals, time management, etc. are still critical to your success. By improving one step at a time, you’ll make sure you’ll become the best blogger you can be. This means you will create value in people’s lives, and you’ll benefit from it too. The good news is that you can learn what is required of you on the job. Of course, you can improve every day and have fun doing so.