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Is blogging easy? The short answer is: It may not feel as easy initially, but with some practice, it feels like second nature. You can compare it to any other field: It may get tough initially, but as you get more experienced, it feels way easier. It all starts with a mindset: The problem-solving mindset.

This means you see problems as opportunities. It also means when you face a hurdle, it motivates you forward. Treating your blog as a business is also the right mindset. I will explore how each part of blogging is easy or hard next:

Your niche

Level: Easy

You may be itching to write about a particular subject. If that’s the case, your passion can get you far. If you are exploring your options, you may want to take a look at the following:

  • Your hobbies
  • The books you’ve read the last year
  • Your interests
  • Your career
  • What you want to learn about

This list will guide you in choosing the most suitable niche for you. Of course, you can get everything right, but if you pick the wrong niche, you may get into trouble. Doing some niche research will get you on the right track if you take your time to do it right.

You get even more acquainted with your material when you share your passion or communicate what you know about a subject. This creates a positive loop where you transmit what you know more efficiently. This provides quality material for your audience and sets you up as an expert.

Choosing a blogging platform

Level: Easy

When I started designing websites over a decade ago, you had to dominate HTML. You should also have Macromedia Flash knowledge, be able to program with some PHP, have working knowledge of graphic editing software, and so on…. Creating a single website used to be the playing ground of more than 1 webmaster.

Fast forward to today, and you have auto-installers on your hosting account and free themes galore. I use self-hosted WordPress as my tool of choice since I like owning my online real estate and not allowing a company to dictate what I can or cannot do.

You have many options to begin your blog; some are even free. However, you should know that you may start to outgrow the opportunities they provide sooner than later. That is why it’s crucial to choose a blogging platform that provides you with all the choices you need to set up your blogging business right from the start.

By being the owner of your space, you will ensure that no matter the changes in the policies of other websites, you will be in control. This also means that if you decide to hire or outsource in the future, people will be more likely to be acquainted with your platform, making the operations trouble-free and more productive.

About your content

Level: Easy

Is writing easy? If you know what you’re talking about, yes, it is. You can improve your chances of doing the work and enjoying it if you do proper research. Having the right writing habits is vital to be productive.

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I’ll tell you a little secret: Content is, by far, one of the most crucial elements of your site. You can have an average design, but you have a winner if your content is on point. The more you write, the easier it gets.

Some people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complicated. Truth is, you can apply it from the very beginning. Once you make it a habit, you will have a winner process. By ensuring your content is friendly to search engines, you will be on the right track to make the most of your time and resources. 

How it looks

Level: Easy

Design matters. Good design gets out of the way and lets your content shine. You can get a good design for free or buy a great one at a reasonable price.

Back to the WordPress example: You can choose a Theme, which is a series of files that define how your site looks. Then, with just a few clicks, you can install it. You can start with a free design and upgrade as you go along. Design isn’t just pretty images; it also includes how your website looks on mobile devices. More people visit websites from mobile phones and tablets as time goes by.

Your logo and your web design show your audience and the world how they should perceive your brand. It may make them remain on your website for more extended periods and distinguish you from your competitors. Today, you have many options at your fingertips.

Promotion and outreach

Level: Medium

Not everything is easy as pie in the world of blogging. But you can be a good content creator. Text, images, or video can be your thing, and you need something else: Promote your content. You have two options: Free or paid promotion in the form of ads.

“Free” may sound good, but it also implies you pay with a valuable currency: your time. You can get traction fast by paying for ads, but you should know what you’re doing. A mix of these two ways of promoting yourself can bring you the most benefits, short and long-term.

Iterative Results

Finally, it’s essential to know you’ll make mistakes, but it’s liberating to know that your progress will result from these errors. Experimentation is vital. This way, you will follow the path every pro and master has followed: they started at the very beginning with the end in mind.

When you get traction, you may reinvest in the blog. It is a practical choice that will liberate your time from the chain of endless to-dos. This way, you will feel your work becomes more manageable.

Is blogging easy? By being open to change, you will not only prosper, but you will also be a leader in your field. In addition, other people will look up to you. Not bad for a blogging gig, don’t you think?