So, you want to turn your inbound mkt side hustle into a 6-figure business? Mkt stands for Marketing. You’ll often find this abbreviation online on social media, search, or chat platforms. You can substantially increase your earnings with a few tweaks in how you’re doing things. I’ll assume you have or want to start a blog since this is the preferred way to use most of the tools provided by inbound mkt platforms and tools.

As you’ll soon read, you have many options at your disposal. The more you care about the following pointers, the better you’ll do.

Add funnels to your inbound mkt strategy.

As you may already know, a funnel is a representation, in the visual form of a customer journey, which shows the purchase process from attention to action. Of course, you can have a funnel and make a living with it, but the more sophisticated you become, your potential for earning more is more. For example, you can offer a course and then an upsell or a down-sell. These actions increase your profits.

You can have one product, segment your audience and content, and offer the perfect product for them. These products can be your own, or they can be affiliate products.

The more traffic you get, the more funnels you can add to your strategy, increasing your earning potential and status.

Maintain or augment your content production

The more blog posts you produce, the more graphics you create, and the more videos you upload, the more you can get closer to six figures. This statement is especially true if you perform research before making each piece of text, graphic, photo, animation, presentation, or video.

It’s better to rank your content consistently than to have a viral video hit. You’ll see viral content is hard or nearly impossible to predict. And you can’t bet the foundations of a business on having viral content. If you constantly and predictably produce what your blog and other website needs, you can accurately predict your success.

Scale your Pay Per Click spending

To some people, Pay Per Click belongs to the inbound mkt category. The concept is simple: Do more of what is working. If you have an ad that gives you a sizeable return on investment, you can scale it. If your profit is $1,000, you can double your investment and then double it again.

Although it’s easy in theory, you should have a good grasp of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads well. Technically, it’s one of the simplest ways of getting to six figures if you know what you’re doing. Most offline businesses rely on this type of advertising to make sales that allow them to be profitable.

Sharpen your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from search engines, primarily for free, in an organic way. If you have a good grasp of this subset of digital marketing, you can ensure your success. Sometimes, you’ll get even better results than the ones you initially planned.

SEO allows you to make the most out of your time and investments. Achieving a professional level means you can make a plan, knowing it will work. This way, your mkt strategy benefits since you won’t publish content that sits idle on your website or social networks without achieving a return on investment. You can also use video SEO to rank your videos.

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic

SEO and PPC are great ways to bring traffic to your blog or website, and they are a cornerstone of many strategies, but they’re not the only game in town. You can get traffic to your blog or website through other means intertwined with SEO or PPC. By obtaining traffic from larger websites, you can get to six figures.

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Quality traffic is of the essence. It’s not enough to use vanity metrics such as the number of visits you’re getting. Your traffic needs to be targeted traffic. Your mkt will appreciate it.

High-ticket affiliate offers or products.

Of course, you can also monetize with ads, but I think the fastest way to achieve your 6-figure business goals is by creating and selling products and having high-quality, high-ticket affiliate offers.

To many professional salespeople, it takes the same effort to sell a $1,000 product as a $100 product. However, common sense dictates that selling the higher-priced product is more logical, especially if your profit grows equally. As you gain experience, this top alone can get you to six figures without added hassles.

You must know where to find these offers, or you can also create them yourself. These products should be a perfect fit for your audience since this will increase your conversion rate, and you’ll be providing the highest possible value to your prospects.

High-Quality email marketing

An email list is an asset. It’s as simple as that. An investment that produces profits again and again. It’s an intangible strength that you can move from service provider to service provider. Of course, you should maintain your list to be responsive and actualized.

By adding more and more subscribers to your list, you can create more profits. Also, the sky is the limit. You’re not limited to 10,000 subscribers; you can reach much more people as your business grows. The average earnings for each subscriber are $1 a month. If you add up your numbers, you’ll see that with only 10,000 subscribers, you’ll be making 6-figures a year. And you can then upgrade your goals to 6-figures a month once you get the hang of it. You must conduct your research to know if your niche or market is large enough to allow you to grow.

Keep an eye on your conversions.

Once you’re getting sizeable traffic, do you want to know the best and fastest way to increase your earnings? It’s by focusing your efforts on conversions. For example, if you’re making $6,000 a month and optimize your website and funnel with a few tweaks and enhanced copywriting, you can substantially increase your profits.

A digital marketing subset called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) provides you with the frameworks and tools needed to make these changes happen.

Final words

As you can see, you have many options on how to turn your inbound mkt side hustle into a 6-figure business. The more elements you implement, the more your bank account will grow. Although it’s not easy, you can find support on your journey. Someone has likely encountered and solved most of the questions you may have. This knowledge means you will make the best use of your resources.

You can pick one of these items and increase your results; better yet, you can create a plan that includes most of these sections. Acting upon quality information will always be one of the preferred ways to improve your mkt results.