In this blog post on how to choose a domain name, I’ll explain my current process for selecting a domain name. Branding is essential for every blog or business, large or small. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a branding plan; having the right domain name is a solid first step. By answering key questions and writing out your ideas and your process, you’ll soon have not only one but a myriad of domain name options you can choose from. You don’t have to wing it. You can now find quality information to get a professional and creative result.

First, make a list of ideas that incorporate the following advice:

How do I choose the right domain name?

It all starts with ideas. I’ll show you some of the best idea starters. Each one has its benefits.

  1. Create a made-up name (It’s easier to find a free .com with an innovative name)
  2. Create an acronym
  3. Combine two or more words
  4. Use words from dead languages (such as Latin)
  5. Make spelling variations
  6. Use your name as a starting point

As you can see, these ideas are a great starting point. If you take some time and let different ideas appear, you’re on your way to success.

With your list of domain names at hand, eliminate some ideas that don’t fit with the following criteria:

What makes a good website domain name?

A good website domain name can make your business soar. You can take some hints from popular brands. First:

  1. Your domain name shouldn’t be too long
  2. It should be easy to spell – How do you expect other people to do it if you can’t spell it yourself?
  3. It shouldn’t sound too generic – Or else you’re selling yourself as a commodity.
  4. You should be able to type it easily
  5. Avoid numbers and hyphens
  6. You can add a word indicating what your domain name is about

By now, you should have a list of possible domain names, and by filtering them with this list, you may have some winners.

What are the 5 types of domains?

You may be thinking about a .com extension when it comes to domains. These domains are amongst the most popular, but it’s by no means your only choice. You can find the following:

  1. Top-level domains
  2. Country code top-level domains
  3. Generic top-level domains
  4. Second level domains
  5. Third level domains

 You can forget the elements on this list if you plan to launch a local business or have particular needs, such as adding a subdomain or hosting an app on your site. However, if you’re planning to expand in the future and you’re planning to succeed, then it’s a rule of thumb to go with a top-level domain.

Does your domain name matter?

The short answer is yes. A domain name matters because it’s the first word your future customers hear from you. Your domain name, added to choosing a specific set of colors and visuals, are a promise to your target audience. Are you a local business or blog in the UK or somewhere else? Maybe can be a good option. Many experts believe that if you can choose a .com, take it while you can since many people gravitate to write a .com.

You can choose a descriptive name or a symbolic name. But, ultimately, it’s up to you.

Which is the best domain?

The simple answer is that the best domain is the one you choose. When it comes to the success of one name, you can control certain variables, and for others, you are dependent on macro-elements that you may be aware of.

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To have one great idea, you need lots of great ideas. This is a professional creative process. After you weed out some creative choices, the next batch looks more promising, and so on, until you choose a winning idea. The result of this is the best domain. A word of caution: Perfectionism can take the best of you. When you can decide, then go for it. Perfect is the enemy of good.

Should my domain name be the same as my business name?

You were lucky not so long ago that you could grab a domain name with your business name. Today, with more competition from local businesses and a global village, you are indeed lucky if you find your business name available.

It’s a great marketing practice to be aware of the choices of other individuals and even what the competition has done to reach a goal. For example, let’s say your name is Efraim Egalom (I just made up this name), and you find your name is taken as a .com, you could try, or another variation, and you will indeed find success. A little creativity goes a long way.

How do I choose a domain name for my blog?

If you want to know not only about how to choose a domain name but also about choosing the right name for your blog, I will give you some critical advice:

1. Think twice about choosing your name as a domain name

What if your blog succeeds beyond your wildest dreams, and you want to sell it later? Your name on the domain could dissuade possible buyers since your business is too tied to your name and identity

2. Don’t sweat it

I know people that take months to perform a duty, such as choosing a domain name. Although this could be useful when launching a mega-brand from the ground up, it’s also true that many mega brands used a process such as this and are doing remarkably well.

What is an example of a domain name?

As you can see, the process of naming follows guideline # 3 I laid out at the beginning (combine two or more words). I chose this name because of the symbolism of the eagle, which become values I seek to incorporate into my writing and the business. Freedom and leadership are just a few values that come to mind now.

A final example is (not affiliated). You know you can get domain names; of course, the brand promise is they’ll be cheap. You can find examples all over the web you may use as inspiration. As a final tip: You can send a simple survey to your target market, asking which name they like the most. Doing this means you care about your audience.


I outlined a process on how to choose a domain name. You have a strong beginning when you generate ideas. Then, you weed out some ideas and develop some others. Finally, you choose among the winning options. This is a professional creative process. The Eureka! moment rarely happens all at once. Then I answered some of the most important questions you may have when you choose a domain name.

You can ask for feedback, ideally from your target audience. If you haven’t done so, grab a cup of your preferred beverage and choose the best possible domain name today.