The benefits of writing an eBook are many. The secret of many authors is that they approach writing an eBook as they come writing a long (really long) blog post. This secret and useful metaphor make you feel writing an eBook is an approachable and friendly endeavor. An eBook can go a long way. Once you write it, you can benefit from it for years. Unless you’re writing about a fad or fashionable subject, you will have a digital asset in your power. I will provide you with some of the most important benefits of writing an eBook next:

1. You get to cover a topic deeply

Few mediums let you cover a topic in depth. Where would you host a 10-hour video? The written word is still the preferred way for many individuals seeking to learn about a topic. Can you load it on your Kindle? Check. Can you read it while offline? Check. Is it easy to pick up where you left off? Check. Can you highlight the parts you find more attractive? Check. The list goes on and on.

An advantage of an eBook over a video is that people can scan and read the parts that are more interesting and useful to them without sitting for hours waiting for the position they are searching for. This is even more important the longer the content gets, usually when you’re covering a topic in depth.

2. When you teach, you learn

Learning is a powerful motivator. Many teachers find that by educating, they master the subject at hand. A more profound process occurs: The one who teaches is placed in the position of answering questions. By pondering on solutions, the individual becomes more knowledgeable. Writing an eBook might be a perfect adventure if you want to explore a subject deeply.

You may believe you know everything there is to know about a topic, but you will find that there are details and even entire categories you’re missing. This is especially true if you are a practitioner of the field, where you are focused on a set of problems, but you often miss others inside your area.

3. To establish your authority

Authority is a tremendous persuasion tool. With authority, you can close more deals and be heard. Authority is your friend if you want to get great at marketing and sales. Imagine the case where you have two individuals after a deal, ceteris paribus (all other things being equal). One has written an ebook about a subject, and after reading this content, it’s obvious he has experience in the field. Who would you hire? Of course, the advantage goes for the individual who is a leader of thought and shows he can provide quality time and again.

4. To create an extra stream of income

Maybe this benefit should be at the top for you. You may not know you can profit by self-publishing an ebook. The bottom line is critical since you can add a stream of income to your finances. You can directly sell an eBook through your blog, or you can do it through a market such as Amazon. Being a product creator makes you aware of most of the monetization options you have at hand. You can make money online by providing value by adding your experiences and insights to your publications.

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5. Increase the size of your email list

Did you know you can give away your book for free? Why in the world would you want to do that? Well, in exchange for a valuable email. By having an email list, you can sell again and again. Instead of letting your visitors go, you capture their information through an email form.

In exchange for a lead magnet, which could be your eBook, you can make sure to provide value and be a part of your customer’s journeys to be more experienced in the field, just like you are right now. You don’t need to be eminent in your area, just more experienced than your customers.

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6. To get more affiliate sales

There are at least two ways to make affiliate sales through an eBook. Your first option is to add affiliate links to your eBook and distribute it where your target market gathers. This way, you can make affiliate sales directly. Another option, if the vendor or platform allows, you can provide the extra eBook to people who buy a product through your affiliate link.
This way, you’re providing more value to the offer you’re promoting and helping your customers while making a profit. An ebook is a valuable resource you can use in many ways to reach your goals.

7. Write the eBook as a service

If you want to get another income stream, you can write eBooks for yourself, or you can do it for customers. As you can see, content marketing hasn’t reached its peak yet. This means that demand for content is at an all-time high. By being a content provider, you can choose between a wide array of industries or niche down your offer. Each option gives you different benefits.

If you write about a wide variety of subjects, you can find more work, and if you choose to specialize, you can charge a sizeable amount per hour. You’ll also find that specializing provides you with the advantage of productivity since you’ll be able to write more off the top of your head.

8. Excel at content marketing

Content marketing knowledge is not set in stone, and the field changes daily. Having a wide variety of materials, including one or many eBooks in your arsenal, is good advice if you want to have a complete strategy. You can use eBooks for every part of the funnel. You can get the attention and emails of your readers, and you can have them at the bottom as final products. In the long run, content marketing is a sustainable way of getting new customers. It often outperforms direct advertising if you give it enough time and resources.

9. To get more traffic to your blog or website

Why is getting more traffic listed as benefit # 9? The truth is that the list is ordered in no order of importance. Different individuals get different benefits. Getting traffic is the lifeblood of any blog or business. You can have an award-winning website with great products, but if you’re not getting traffic, you’re not getting sales. As simple as that.

If you create content packaged as an eBook that is helpful to your industry, you can get large amounts of traffic to your website. But, of course, you need a strategy and proper research, including keyword research.


I’ve shown you some of the benefits of writing an eBook. You should have at least a few new ideas for your arsenal by now. You can cover a topic in-depth, you can acquire deeper learning, you can become an authority in your field, can create a new stream of income, maybe you wish to increase the size of your email list, get more affiliate sales, provide a new service, have an award-winning content marketing strategy, and even get more traffic to your website.

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