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Starting a new website is exciting, with so many possibilities ahead. One crucial step is to choose a Content Management System (CMS). I began doing HTML websites with nested tables and Macromedia Flash websites (a long time ago). Today, all that effort has been abstracted. You can have a website in a record time and on budget. There are many benefits of a WordPress blog. Maybe you’re analyzing your options. Perhaps you’re validating a choice you’ve already taken. Wherever you are in your process, it’s essential to understand all its implications. I present you a list of 8 benefits of using the platform next:

1. User friendly

This is the first benefit because there’s nothing more cumbersome than reading pages and pages of documentation to perform a single task. You’ll avoid this with an intuitive interface and standards-based installation (a PHP and MySQL application) that you can install with just a few clicks in most hosting control panels.

If you’re developing a site for a customer, you want to ensure you won’t spend most of your time providing tutorials on how to use and publish on the site. There are seemingly endless resources on the internet where you can learn how to use a specific particularity of the system in just a few minutes.

2. Professional design at your fingertips

When most people think of a website, they think of a design. You have many themes you can use to dress your WordPress website. Some of these designs are free, and some are paid (also called Premium themes)

If you wish, you can hire a web designer to make a custom design if that is what you want and your budget allows you to. Your costs will be lower than competing options. You will also find that most themes are responsive, which means they adapt to different screen sizes. This is a crucial benefit since much of your traffic should come from mobile devices.

3. Added functionality through plugins

WordPress began its life as a blogging platform. As time went by, it became a standard solution for websites of all kinds. Today you’ll find many Fortune 500 companies and high-profile businesses use it to fulfill their needs.

When you need extra functionality, such as a forum, a caching solution, social media icons, or countless others you come up with, you can count on WordPress plugins to solve your problem. If you are having an issue, chances are other people had it too, and an answer is readily available in the form of code by an extensive list of providers.

4. Search Engine Optimization friendly

You can have great design and functionality, but how will it perform on the market? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website visible and accessible to search engines. Usually, optimizing content appears on the top of search engine result pages for specific keywords.

You have some options to perform SEO when you’re writing your content. However, some other actions are technical. This is where WordPress comes into play. You’ll make sure your blog has a fighting chance in your market by giving you enhanced functionality through in-demand plugins.

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5. Preferred by marketers worldwide

It’s a fact that some Content Management Systems are preferred by developers and coders. WordPress is the favorite of marketers because:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s simple to find service providers to take care of the blog
  • It became popular, and it remains popular
  • They understand the system
  • It has a high resale value

As you can see, when many marketers begin a project, WordPress is at the top of their list. This is especially true for Do It Yourself (DIY) projects that can become medium-sized or large businesses. WordPress sets the standard for content marketing and its many details.

6. It’s suited for many languages

The internationalization process means that WordPress is designed so that it may be consumed across multiple regions. Its creators (Automattic) use this to expand their reach beyond their primary language, understanding and standardizing how customers worldwide use their products.

No matter the language you want to begin your blog with, you can find a suitable theme ready to be used. This is not true for many competing choices, who have a half-baked translation solution. By making the product available worldwide, WordPress creators ensure their product benefits from worldwide recognition and collaboration.  

7. an extensive and incredible community

As you can see in the last benefit, the WordPress community is international. A web designer in India can check the platform news in English on different forums. The same with a web developer in Spain or a marketer in the UK.

You can find countless tutorials and social media groups related to WordPress design, coding, installation, and use. If you have a question, it’s probably already been answered by someone somewhere. This is liberating since you’re not the guinea pig of a startup company. Instead, you’re backed by one of the most reputable companies on the internet.

8. It’s open-source

This would be a top benefit for many developers, and it’s not hard to see why. Open standards mean WordPress is compatible with other systems. We can see this in the Application Programming Interface (API) that lets the software “talk to other software.”

If you’ve been wondering how all this will cost you, the answer is: It’s free. It’s a top-of-the-line solution. It is also reliable and includes security embedded in its design.

By being open-source, it gets contributions from top developers worldwide, making it a transparent, flexible, adaptable, independent, and stable solution for you.


As you can see, there is no shortage of Benefits of a WordPress Blog. Although it’s essential to understand them, knowing how they apply to your project is crucial. If you are planning to have a blog, then it’s the perfect solution for you (Unless you have a strong reason not to use it)

If you’re starting a brochure site, you will find you can have a finished website in record time. This is especially true if you research Page Builders, where you can have a website ready not in months or days but in just a few hours.

No matter your demands, you will indeed find something suited to your needs on this list.