Did you know you have more than one alternative to eBook as a lead magnet? Although an eBook is comparatively easy to create, it also has low entry barriers. Chances are your competitors are providing reports, cheat sheets, and other common eBooks. You can think outside the box and, by doing so, increase the number of email subscribers by leaps and bounds.

Differentiation is a key to marketing success. Most of your list members won’t remember who provided them with just another PDF, but they will surely remember who took the time to give them an alternative of their preference. So next, I’ll show you some of these alternatives:

Video Course

The perception of video for most internet users is that it’s more valuable than text. Although you may find it hard to produce video content, it’s also important to remember that it’s worth it. You can begin filming with your laptop or desktop PC camera.

Two things are of the utmost importance, especially as you begin filming yourself: Have a script ready so you can remember the points you will explain. The other thing is all about having high-quality audio. Nowadays, most cameras will cut it, but the audio must be high quality.

If you don’t want to appear on camera, you have many options at your disposal where you don’t need to record yourself in front of your audience. For example, you can narrate a presentation or use an online service that adds pictures and short video scenes as you develop your audio.

Email course

Nobody said you couldn’t use the written word as a lead magnet. In this case, it’s not an eBook but a course you deliver through email. Once the user subscribes, they receive an email daily or weekly. On the technical side, this couldn’t be easier. You set up automation on your email marketing software at specific intervals. Since the course is inside the email, you don’t need to create other files.

Besides being easy for you, it’s also convenient for the subscriber since when they search their email for keywords, your course appears as a result.


No matter what you’re selling, if a prospect wants to buy it, they always appreciate a discount. You could get a subscriber in exchange for lowering the price of your item, physical or digital. A deal of this kind is even more potent if it’s scarce. I mean that you’re not constantly pushing discounts left and right. Maybe they can only find it if they trade their best email address.

Many people are bargain seekers. This trend had increased since the economic events started in 2008 when many buyers became more aware of how they spend their money.

A quiz

A few hours before I began writing this blog post, I visited a Software As A Service (SAAS) website. Guess what? They offered me a “custom” solution to a problem I had, based on how I answered a quiz. But, of course, they only asked me for my email as an exchange.

To me, it was a no-brainer since I wanted this problem fixed. A few seconds after I took the test, a confirmation email was waiting for me, along with a link to a free course. The advantages are apparent since a quiz adds interactivity to your communications, which can dynamize your results.

Free software

By now, most people know the advantages of software. But, chances are you haven’t printed this blog post to read it on a piece of paper on the go. Instead, are you reading it through a digital device powered by software? If the answer is yes, then there’s no turning back. The software can make us more focused and productive and can be a tool to achieve our goals.

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How can you solve a problem or optimize a process for a problem your audience is having? The answer is, again, software. You don’t have to be a programmer or spend thousands to create code. Instead, you can buy a browser add-on or a mobile or desktop solution with resell rights and share it with your audience.

Free Consultation

Time is gold, says the old proverb. I may add that time is worth more than money since you can make money without spending your time. But, of course, you can recoup the money but can’t recoup time.

Now that I have exposed time as an asset, you can use it as part of your value proposition. Offering a free consultation is almost hypnotic to your target market since this market is solving a specific issue. However, once the law of reciprocity kicks in, they will need to reciprocate by buying the offers you have at the end of the consultation or through email automation once they’re on your list.

Free sample

Just as a free consultation is almost hypnotic to a prospective customer, a free sample can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Words are cheap, but if you show your audience you have faith in your offers by letting them try a product, you demonstrate confidence in your offer.

It would be best if you remembered that not everyone who receives the free sample would buy from you. This free offer can attract people who want almost everything for free and don’t need to reciprocate. It’s up to you to decide how you frame your offer and for whom it’s intended.


Everyone loves giveaways, and you can make your offer go viral. Imagine your audience sharing your newsletter opt-in with everyone they know. The benefits don’t stop at spreading the word. You can have a more extensive social media reach, gain the opportunity to collaborate with other blogs or websites, and increase loyalty from existing customers and members of your list.

What should you provide as a gift? If you can offer something related to your niche, you will make an optimal choice. If that is not possible, you can find your answer in commonly sought-after pieces of hardware or software.

Final Words

As you can see, there’s a world of possibilities and more than one alternative to eBook as a lead magnet. You can find the perfect answer for yourself and your blog using your imagination. Keep in mind that You can create all the options mentioned above with a modest budget with great possibilities of success.

Why would you limit yourself to one of these options? You can create a different lead magnet for each funnel you’re implementing. This implementation allows you to understand what solutions work best for your audience. With this information, you can double down on what’s working, leading you to higher levels of success.