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A bit of history

A bit of history

Not too long ago, big businesses and wealthy individuals were the sole proprietors of most assets on earth. If you weren’t born with a silver spoon, your days having a humble occupation chosen by your ancestors were what you would aspire to.  Day in and out. Being free to follow your passions was unheard of.

Fast forward to today. You can create intellectual property; these are assets you can use for the rest of your life. They are always under your control, and you can profit from them time and again.

Have you heard the phrase “It takes money to make money”? In today’s terms you can also say “It takes talent to make money.” There are ways to profit that don’t require much monetary investment, and they are not necessarily tied to an hourly rate either.

Know Exactly What to Do

You can seek an academic path or just jump into a venture.

Truth is both ways are expensive, one in money, the other in an asset: time. This would be great if you could reach success by following either one. Truth is none of them guarantees success.

A more direct approach in the form of specialized knowledge is the answer to the dilemma. Today, I will tell you more about this, just keep reading.

You are part of the solution. You haven’t yet leveraged what you know about a particular. Remember when you read and write in high school? A comparable effort what you need to create another stream of income. Easy, right? Of course, there’s more to it, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Know exactly what to do
Fulfill your dreams

Fulfill your dreams

Today, you can find much of the hard-earned experience of humanity in many fields are available in digital format. You can be part of this brave new world.

Imagine being in control of your destiny, working the hours you deem necessary, and being able to help people just like you.

Info has become currency. This is good news. Let me tell you something: You know more than you think you do. You can change your life for the better, once you continue through this path, it’s inevitable.

Introducing you to

Writing Your eBook – The Easy Way method.Ebook Cover 3D

It’s practical, how-to advice on writing high quality eBooks, providing you with my expertise writing as a marketer, blogger and writer for hire.

It goes beyond the basics to show you how to rock the field of your choosing. You will be able to provide on-demand material.

You can get up to speed fast by avoiding common pitfalls most bloggers and writers find in their way.

It provides you with insights that will guide you in your writing journey. This knowledge is based on experience of countless hours in front of the keyboard.

It’s focused on the process of writing. The result of this is you will have a deliverable that will make you stand as an expert in your niche.

This guide will take you from idea to completion in record time.

  • You’ll get the following:

Chapter 1: Promise
The big why and the options you have, to monetize your product

  1. Why an eBook?
    You get a list of compelling reasons
  2. Benefit from your eBook, in several possible ways
    There is more than one way to skin a cat
  3. Benefits backed by science
    Step by step instructions that lead to results

Chapter 2: Specific Results
What specifically will you get?

  1. Your deliverable
    What you get at the end of your journey
  2. Your unique touch
    Add value through wisdom and experience
  3. Answers to common questions about eBooks
    Sought after responses

Chapter 3: Problems & Obstacles

  1. How to turbocharge yourself
    Hint: It’s not what you think
  2. Writer’s block
    An all too common enemy
  3. Adding value
    Share your knowledge
  4. Lack of time
    Discover your path to success

Chapter 5: My Struggle

  1. At a crossroad
    Discover my story

Chapter 6: My Success

  1. The digital journey
    How I prevailed

Chapter 7: Common Myths

  1. Debunk common eBook writing myths
    Be in the know about your goal

Chapter 8: The Solution

This is the core part of the eBook

  1. Know if your eBook will sell
    Market research how-to
  2. Understand the world of writing non-fiction
    Write practical eBooks
  3. How to become a productive writer
    Scheduling, single tasking, discipline
  4. Free tools at your disposal
    Save some money!
  5. Making the most out of your ideas
    Ideas make the world go round
  6. Research your words
    Preparation brings results
  7. Discover your writing voice
    Show yourself through your writing
  8. How grammar fits in your project
    Don’t sweat the small stuff
  9. How to name your creation
    Fulfill your audience’s expectations
  10. Nuts and bolts of writing your eBook
    Let’s get down to business
  11. Laying out your draft
    A practical how to
  12. DIY editing like a pro
    An important step
  13. Create a free cover for your eBook
    Don’t forget how your eBook looks

Chapter 9: Habits for Success

  1. Become a successful writer

Become unstoppable

Chapter 10: Call to Action

  1. A friendly reminder
    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

If you doubt yourself, or your abilities, rest assured you have what it takes to write an eBook. If you have experience about a subject or if you can search the internet, the doors are open to you. I’ll show you how.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to get unstuck in your entrepreneurial pursuit. The only way to reach great heights is to begin with one step.

If you don’t have much free time, I’m providing you with a resource that won’t take forever to read, as a matter of fact, you DON’T need:

  • Expensive equipment or gear
  • To have an eBook in your belt
  • Lots of free time in your schedule
  • Wait for inspiration to strike

No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, there’s something for you in this method.

You will be astonished at the price I’m offering you today. Relative to its value, it’s a bargain. It’s affordable because I want to reach as many people as possible with my message.

This product is available through direct download. You should have the file available immediately after payment.

PDF logoYou will need Adobe Acrobat to view the file with the PDF extension.

Click on the buy button to make your purchase, you will be redirected to a secure page, with military grade encryption, where you can make your payment.

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60-day Money-back Guarantee

60 day money back guarantee

I’m so sure you will benefit from the information presented in this method, that I’m willing to provide you with a money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Best wishes,

Jaime Portillo

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